RTG Clear Casting Craft Resin Review

Epoxy resin is quickly becoming a popular crafting technique that DIY-lovers and professionals use regularly. It’s the perfect way to encase almost any object you want. You can create custom tables, art pieces, preserve sentimental items and more using epoxy casting resin.

rtg clear casting craft resin

2-Quart Kit

Now, there is a slight difference in regular epoxy versus casting resin. Epoxy is typically a more popular option for making beautiful floors or custom tables. Casting resin is mostly used for encasing small objects and other items.

Today, we’ll be reviewing the RTG clear casting craft resin. So, let’s get started!

Pricing and Product Details of RTG Clear Casting Resin 

RTG’s clear casting craft resin usually goes for around $50 on Amazon. This includes one quart of casting resin and one quart of hardener, equaling a 2-quart kit. This is a pretty good size product for the price, especially if you are casting smaller objects. You will be able to get a lot of use out of these quart-size bottles.

However, if you are using this for a bigger project, I would go ahead and order a little more than you think you need. It is always better to be safe than sorry with resin because there’s no going back! There is also a two-pint option currently on Amazon for less than $50. So, if you are simply encasing a few small items, you might want to grab this smaller and less expensive alternative!

This product is compatible with many dyes and pigments as well, so you can change the color of this resin completely or just give it a tinge of color. This is awesome because it allows you to create a truly custom piece with whatever items you are working with!

This resin is expected to dry to a very durable, crystal clear finish. Be careful when using this resin though because it sets pretty quickly. This is great if you are embedding multiple objects because it allows you to add every item you want in the exact place you want, but you will have to work quickly. To help you finish the project before the resin dries too much, I recommend laying everything out in front of you in the order you will embed it so you can then work quickly as the resin sets.

This resin is also self-leveling which is very helpful if you decide to make anything that will need a flat edge! It is also 100% waterproof, so it is a great way to encase a sentimental item in order to further preserve it!

RTG Casting Resin

2-Pint Kit

The RTG clear casting craft resin is also scratch and stain resistant. So, it shouldn’t scratch or stain easily, but please still be careful with what comes close to your final product! If you do happen to spill something on it or near it, wipe it up immediately and you should be good to go! RTG’s resin will also resist yellowing which is great for items you plan to have and look out for a long time!

What Previous Users Have Said 

It seems a lot of people have an easy time working with this product and enjoy using this product as well! Users have reported the working time to be around 30-40 minutes which is fantastic if you are completing a more intricate project. Setting time is about five hours, but you should wait a full 24 hours for it to be completely hardened.

Users also reports that they loved how completely clear this resin is able to dry and set! However, many users did recommend using this product for only single-piece molds and projects. Other users reported that they had trouble releasing bubbles from this epoxy and that it heats up quickly and easily.

So, make sure you work with this product quickly and in a cool area to keep it from overheating. Overall, most users seem to like this resin and believe it’s a good resin for smaller and easier projects. It’s also great for beginners that are just learning to use epoxy thanks to its decent setting time!

Should You Try RTG's Casting Resin?

RTG’s clear casting craft resin seems to be a great product that you get a decent amount of use from for the price. It’s a good resin for beginners and small projects as well. Make sure to read the product specific instructions and laying everything you need out in your workspace well before beginning your project.

Also, make sure you set up your workspace somewhere cool with a fan or other cooling mechanism to ensure you can work with product the best way possible. Then, have fun creating your new crafting resin projects!