Art N Glow Casting Resin Review

Epoxy is one of the best DIY projects out there. Preserve floors, tables, and small objects with clear epoxy resin. There are many types of resin to choose from, but today we’ll be going over the Art N Glow Casting Resin. Art N Glow Casting Resin is one of the premium brands of resin.

Art N Glow Resin
art n glow resin review

Why Users Love It 

This resin can easily be used as a casting resin or a table top resin. One of the main reasons this resin is so loved is because it dries so crystal clear. You can also trust that this resin will be self-leveling, self-degassing, and odor free. Even though it is odor-free, you will still want to use this product in an open and airy place. The Art N Glow resin has a 40-minute work time which makes it incredibly easy to use and work with. You have plenty of time to manipulate it before it dries which is a great perk for beginners.

Art N Glow is also UV resistant which means it will resist yellowing over time. While this is great for projects that will spend some time in the sun, however no epoxy project should spend all of its time outside because it will eventually yellow over a long period of time. The mix ratio for this product is one to one which is user-friendly and another great perk for beginners using this resin.

128 ounces of this resin will cover 26 square feet at a thickness of 1/8th of an inch. This resin was specifically designed to complement Art N Glow’s glow in the dark pigments. The maximum casting size is 6 fluid ounces, but there is not a limit for coating application projects.

This product sells in a 16-ounce kit, 32-ounce kit, and one-gallon kit. To maximize your results, try and keep your workspace between 72 degrees and 78 degrees. The closer you are to 78 degrees, the better your epoxy will cure. This resin can withstand temperatures of 120 degrees. When working with this resin, you can manipulate the temperature to help it work differently. If the resin is a cooler temperature, try placing it in a bucket full of warm water. When doing this, keep in mind the resin will cure more quickly. You will only have 30 minutes to work with it instead of the standard 40. Warming up the epoxy helps to reduce any bubbling.

Another thing that could help to reduce bubbling with this product is pouring the hardener down the side of the bucket the resin is in. You will want to keep a steady, slow hand while mixing the two to make sure you don’t add in any air bubbles. You can use an artist torch to get rid of any bubbles that do occur while pouring.

If you will be pouring multiple coats in order to thicken your project’s finish, be sure to wait three to five hours in between pours to prevent stickiness, cloudiness, or other issues. After five hours, you will need to sand and wipe down the resin before applying another coat.

art n glow resin review

After 24 hours, the resin will have hardened. After 72 hours, it will be completely cured. Art N Glow resin is safe for at home use. It is non-toxic and doesn’t produce fumes. However, either way you will need to wear gloves and goggles while working in a ventilated workspace.

Should You Try Out Art N Glow Epoxy Resin?

art n glow resin review

Art N Glow Epoxy Resin is a great product for both beginners as well as experts. There are a lot of products to choose from out there, but this one is definitely one of the best. It is a little pricey compared to other options, but it is totally worth it. This epoxy is an all in one product perfect for clear casting projects as well as pouring applications. The long curing time enable users to manipulate the resin as needed for a good amount of time. The self-leveling and self-degassing is also a huge perk. The UV resistance is also an added bonus if your project will be subjected to sunlight.

You can use this resin for many types of projects including pouring over tables or countertops. Make jewelry, décor pieces, or even art with this product as well. Be sure to double check how much you need for your project before making purchase. You don’t want to be left without enough resin to complete your project.

Art N Glow also has some other great product add-ins. The glow in the dark pigments are especially unique and perfect for some extra special projects! Overall, this product is a joy to use, dries crystal clear, super hard, and resists bubbles. So, try out Art N Glow resin for your next project and be sure to read the product specific directions thoroughly before beginning your next DIY!