Alumilite Amazing Clear Cast Coating and Casting Resin Review

As epoxy resin has become a more and more popular craft for many people, many more companies are coming out with new products to make this process even easier! Amazing Casting Products has a clear resin now that can be used for many types of projects including art pieces, décor, encasing small items, and more!

amazing casting resin alumilite

Today, we’ll be reviewing the Amazing Casting Products Clear Resin in order to help you determine if this is a good resin product for your upcoming project! We’ll go over pricing and value, product details, and talk about what other previous users have said about the product!

Product Features and Details of the Amazing Clear Cast

This resin is packaged in a 2-part package including resin and hardener that is used with a 1:1 mixing ratio. It cures to a hard, perfectly clear plastic. The working time for this resin is 30-40 minutes which leaves you plenty of time to get rid of bubbles and pack anything you want into your project!

Alumilite’s clear resin needs 24 hours to completely harden. If you are doing multiple pours, it is recommended to wait 24 hours before your second pour. Don’t wait more than 48 hours though, or you may have to sand your product down before starting your second pour. So, save the time and prepare for your second pour 24 hours after your first one.

Alumilite warns that this epoxy can begin to yellow as soon as 30-60 days after pouring. So, this epoxy is recommended for use over colorful backgrounds where slight yellowing won’t be noticed. Pouring over a stark white background may show the yellowing of the epoxy more.

This clear resin is FDA compliant and can be used with Alumilite’s dyes and inks to change the color of your resin. You can also use other non-water-based dyes, but it is recommended to use Alumilite’s brand dyes.

Pricing of the Alumilite Casting Resin

There are a few different places you can find Alumilite’s Amazing Casting Products Clear Resin, but Amazon is currently selling the 16-oz bottles for around $30. This means every user receives a 16-oz bottle of epoxy and a 16-oz bottle of hardener in this pack.

This is a pretty good price for the quality and amount you get. This product is recommended for smaller objects and projects which means it can probably go a long way if you are using smaller items!

What Reviewers Have to Say…

It seems many users have used and reused this product regularly because they’ve loved it so much! Many epoxy lovers know and hate the intense fumes from epoxy, however this one was said to be less intense which is a great feature of this product.

One drawback a few customers found is that this product is not FDA-approved. It is FDA compliant which means it adheres to the codes created by the FDA, however it has not been tested and approved by the FDA themselves. That being said, this is usually pretty standard for all epoxies.

As far as the clarity of Alumilite’s Casting Resin, many users were happy with the end clarity of their project. It dried crystal clear and they had no problem removing any bubbles. However, a few users did report that this product yellows easily. The company warned about this resin being likely to yellow, but as long as you don’t use it with a white background or for a white item, then you should be good to go! You should also keep your project out of direct sunlight to avoid yellowing.

Many users, however, were simply happy with this resin and the results they got with it. They say it is easy to use and manipulate, however you must thoroughly read the directions multiple times before starting to ensure you use it properly. It is also best to set up your workspace in advance so that you have everything laid out in front of you as needed and you can quickly and effectively work through your project.

I would also advise to create your project indoors in a room with great ventilation at a low temperature. This way, you will get the best results possible while trying out this epoxy.

Should You Buy Amazing Clear Cast Resin? 

Overall, this is a great epoxy, especially for the price. Users rave about its easy to use 1:1 ratio and clear use instructions. It’s lowered scent and quick curing time also make it an enjoyable product!

One thing you definitely want to be mindful of is how this product can yellow within only 30-60 days of first using it which will not be good if you want a white product in the end. If you are concerned about yellowing, check out Art N Glow or EasyCast for alternatives. But overall this resin is awesome, and I’d recommend it to both beginners and veterans!