ArtResin Review: Is It Worth the Price?

ArtResin is perhaps the most well known brand in the resin industry with crafters, DIYers and artists. That being said, it is also one of the priciest options (if not the priciest) on the market, specifically on Amazon, which is where most people purchase their supplies these days. It is often double the price of other Is it really worth the hefty price tag or are there other options that are just as good that are much easier on the bank account?

About ArtResin

ArtResin is advertised as an epoxy resin "made for artists by artists". A husband and wife team - both photographers - started using resin for their photos. Back then, the only resin on the market was for industrial use and there was a missing market for aesthetic uses, specifically for crafters, artists and DIYers. Together they worked to create what is now ArtResin. You can read more about their story on their website. Its always nice to support a small family business, rather than a massive corporation, am I right?

Let's Talk About the Packaging

If you are a person that purchases products based solely on the pretty packaging (yes...you know who you are), chances are you're adding ArtResin's pretty bottles to your cart. Just head over to Amazon and do a quick search for epoxy resin and you'll quickly see that ArtResin stands out among the many other boring and unattractive bottles in the search results. There's one thing for certain, they know what they are doing when it comes to making "pretty" products. But are you paying sometimes double the price for the pretty label? Or is what's inside the bottle superior to other products on the market, in addition to the outside packaging? 

Product Features of ArtResin

ArtResin can be used for all creative projects, including art, jewelry, wood working, high gloss photographs, coasters, tumblers and more . ArtResin is a 2-part kit with a 1:1 mixing ratio, which makes it pretty straight-forward and easy to use, especially for beginners. Its a crystal clear, high gloss, self-leveling resin. It is non-toxic when it is used as directed (meaning be sure to follow the instructions!). It also advertises as non-hazardous, no VOCs and no fumes. ArtResin is engineered to have non-yellowing protection, however, keep in mind that all epoxy yellows over time. 

ArtResin can be mixed with many types of pigments and dyes to create a tinted epoxy. In fact, you can purchase ArtResin's liquid pigment made specifically to use with their resin. Warning: hefty price tag ahead! Again, there are many other brands you can purchase for those on a budget. PLEASE NOTE: always test a sample piece of your epoxy before and after tinting before using on your final project. 

Art Resin Calculator: How Much Do I Need?

ArtResin suggests that a 1-gallon kit should cover approximately 32 sq. ft. at 1/8 inch thickness. Note: The epoxy should self level to 1/8 inch thickness. Furthermore, a 2-gallon kit should cover 64 sq. ft. and a 32-ounce kit should cover roughly 8 sq. ft.

How To Use It

What Users Have To Say About It - Is It Worth It?

Most users seem to really love ArtResin. They have a pretty loyal fanbase. That being said, they do have some complaints of bubbling, as well as it being difficult to work with (very thin) and the cure time being longer than most. Some others have posted complaints of it yellowing, but again, keep in mind that all epoxies do yellow with time. Furthermore, many users felt that it was a good product but was very similar to other products on the market that are almost half the price. 

ArtResin is available in a number of sizes, so if you are trying it for the first time, start off with a smaller bottle. This will allow you to test for yourself without a huge investment and then you can decide for yourself if it is worth the price. And if you do, please report back! We'd love to hear your thoughts.