Angel Crafts Clear Cast Epoxy Resin Mix Kit Review

Angel Crafts is pretty well known in the epoxy resin world. They make some good products that many epoxy users know and love. Their epoxy resin formulas can be used for many different projects, from homemade bar stools or table tops to artwork, jewelry, figurines, and more! There is so much to do in the world of epoxy, so it’s important you arm yourself with great products that you can trust.

angel crafts casting resin

In today’s article, we’ll be reviewing the Angel Crafts Clear Cast Epoxy Resin Mix Kit. We’ll walk through all of the pros and cons for this specific epoxy resin formula, pricing, product details and uses and more!

What Does Angel Crafts' Clear Cast Epoxy Resin Cost?

This clear casting epoxy resin is sold in a pack that includes a 32-ounce bottle of epoxy resin as well as a 32-ounce bottle of hardener. Currently, the best price can be found on Amazon for around $40. This is a bit steep for a product of this size, however this product is meant for smaller projects which means these 32-ounce bottles should go a long way.

With epoxy resin you definitely get what you pay for, so paying a higher price might be worth it if you’re a beginner or you want to guarantee your product comes out looking great instead of bubbly, stained, or unclear.

How To Use It

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Angel Crafts’ clear casting epoxy resin should be used in a 50/50 (or 1:1) ratio between the resin and hardener. This ratio should cure into a crystal-clear epoxy product in right around 37 minutes. If you would like to apply a second coat, this should be done promptly between 48 and 72 hours after your original product has cured and hardened.

This product is self-leveling which makes it great for anything you want to have a smooth edge. It is also UV resistant so you can trust that this product shouldn’t yellow which is important for projects you plan to keep around for a while! Most pigments and dyes can be used with this epoxy resin; however, it’s advised to use Angel Crafts’ brand dyes and pigments to ensure proper mixture. This is a great addition to the project and really helps you to personalize whatever project you are working on.

Angel Crafts’ epoxy resin is also water resistant and non-flammable. Angel Crafts also takes pride in the fact that they choose more environmentally friendly products for their products. Their ingredients are also less harsh on the user which is a huge plus for anyone with concerns about the effects of being near epoxy resin.

What Users Have To Say About It

Overall, this product has almost nothing but rave reviews from its regular users. Many customers noticed that this epoxy resin formula has little to no smell which is a fantastic plus for anyone sensitive to strong smells or fumes.

Customers have also noticed that this epoxy resin product is perfect for beginners as it is easy to work with especially thanks to its 50/50 epoxy resin and hardener ratio. However, many users recommend this product only for small projects. It’s not the best option for making furniture or larger objects.

 A few users pointed out that the bubbles remove quickly both while in the cup and while pouring when they used this epoxy resin. You can pour thicker sections with this epoxy without risking the clarity of your end product which is great for beginners!

Overall, it seems users are really happy with Angel Crafts’ Clear Cast Epoxy Resin Mix Kit. It’s crystal clear finish, UV resistance, and other perks make it an easy to use product that beginners and veterans can both enjoy.

Should You Buy Angel Crafts Casting Resin?

All in all, it seems that Angel Crafts’ Clear Cast Epoxy Resin is a great choice. It’s a tiny bit pricier than some of its competitors but is also a much better product. This is important when you’re working with something tricky like epoxy, so I would go ahead and spend a few extra dollars for a good product.

Users are happy about how their products turn out using this epoxy and have an easy time using it. So, whether or not you are an epoxy novice or seasoned veteran, you can have tons of fun creating new fun and useful pieces with Angel Crafts’ Clear Cast Epoxy Resin!