ET’s Polyester Casting Resin Liquid Plastic Review

A great way to enjoy a new kind of DIY project is by using resin to make castings of your favorite items! You can preserve almost any object using resin including pictures, figurines, or other small objects. Many people also use resin to create entire tables or other pieces of furniture. However, not all resin products are created equal so it’s important to ensure you’ve chosen a resin formula that suits the needs of you and your project.

casting craft liquid plastic

Today, we’ll be reviewing the Castin’ Craft’s Liquid Plastic along with all of its features and benefits so you can determine if this product is right for the project you’ve chosen! Also, be sure to check out Castin' Craft's EasyCast epoxy resin.

Pricing of Environmental Technology's Casting Resin

This resin is definitely on the pricier side. You can usually pick up a gallon between $80-90 but the price fluctuates. This includes the catalyst you need in order to make sure the resin hardens into an ultra-clear, tough surface! This is a little more expensive than most resin products, however you do get a lot of bang for your buck since this is an entire gallon of resin. So, ounce-for-ounce, you are most likely saving money!

This product is labeled for larger pours. So, you could get a ton of use out of it by making lots of smaller projects with it, but they might not turn out as great as they would if you were to use a resin product specifically formulated for smaller pours.

Details of Castin' Craft's Liquid Plastic

This Castin’ Craft product is ideal for larger pours which is important to keep in mind when choosing what type of project you will be using it for. This resin is expected to dry crystal clear and perfectly rock-hard.

Dyes and pigments can be used to change the color of your final product. This is an exciting and creative way to truly customize your item. You can choose any color you like that suits your project and choose whether to add a simple tinge of color or completely change the color into an opaque finish. Be mindful that if you choose to opt for an opaque finish, you won’t see the item you’ve casted, so this works better for simple mold pours.

This product is reported to cure within about an hour. It will then harden over the next eight to twelve hours, but it is recommended to wait a full 24 hours before handling it. This will ensure it has properly hardened and also no longer has an odor.

It is also UV resistant and won’t yellow over time with sun exposure. This is a great feature of this product as you can allow it to get some sunlight without worrying about ruining your project in the long run!

This product forms into a hard plastic, but it doesn’t handle abrasions or heat well. Because of this, you won’t want to leave your finished project anywhere where it could get scratched up easily or get too warm.

What Other Users Have to Say

Overall, it seems most users are incredibly excited about the results they’ve had with this product. While it is recommended for larger pour projects, many customers have tried using this product for smaller items and have been successful!

Many users were happy about the curing and hardening time as well. It seems they don’t have to wait long for the product to harden. However, multiple users reported that they needed more catalyst per ounce of resin the smaller their project was which is something important to keep in mind!

Users also noted that this resin’s fumes are very apparent. So, it is recommended to do your pouring either outside with fresh air or inside with fans, the windows open, and a gas mask preferably.

The only consistent complaint about this product is that both the resin and the catalyst are hard to seal back after using. This leads to a messy and smelly work area and can also waste product. To avoid this, it’s best to use this resin in a big project where you’ll be using most (if not, all) of it.

Final Thoughts on the Liquid Plastic

In the end, it seems this is one of the best big pour resin products on the market. While it can be a little tricky to figure out the right ratio of resin to catalyst, when you hit that sweet spot you are left with a beautiful, crystal clear end product. You can also trust this product won’t yellow over time even though you have to be careful not to scratch it.

It seems this is a well-received product, and I’d recommend it to someone who is pretty familiar with using resin and would like to take on a bigger project!