Environmental Technology EasyCast Casting Craft Epoxy

EasyCast Clear Casting Epoxy is one of the high-end epoxy resin options. However, it isn’t just an investment for expert epoxy users. This epoxy is also great for newbies. This epoxy
is made for casting projects, so it may not be the best for pouring application projects. You will find this epoxy is low-odor, solvent-free, and can be clear or opaque.

Easy Cast By Environmental Technologies

Why Users Love It 

This casting resin has a lot of perks that make it easy to use and a great product for different style projects. This is a two-component resin that comes with a resin and hardener in each package. This product is low-odor which is great, but if odor really bothers you, we would suggest picking up an odor-free epoxy resin instead. Either way, you will want to conduct your epoxy resin projects in a well-ventilated workspace.

This epoxy resin dries crystal clear ensuring the user they will see whatever object they are molding perfectly. This casting resin is ideal for smaller projects. Preserving pictures, small objects, and flowers are all great DIY projects for this product. The EasyCast epoxy resin is also great for making jewelry or small decorative items such as figurines or Christmas ornaments.

You can add opaque pigments or transparent dyes to this product to easily give your project a color change. This is a fun way to make your piece unique. You can also use granite powders to give a stone-like look to the object you are casting.

This epoxy resin comes in four different sizes. You can choose from 8 ounce, 16 ounce, 32 ounce, or 128 ounce size bottles. EasyCast Castin Epoxy Resin should be used with polypropylene or polyethylene resin molds. You can also use rubber or latex molds, but we highly suggest using mold release or conditioner when using these types of molds. This resin was designed to withstand castings of 6oz or less. Any more, and you will need to do multiple pours in order to achieve your desired look.

In order to achieve the best results, your workspace should be between 70- and 85-degrees Fahrenheit. This converts to 21 and 29 degrees Celsius. Before using, place your resin and hardener and warm tubs of water. You want them both to be slightly warm to the touch before using. They do not need to be hot! This resin requires one part resin to one part hardener, which makes them very easy to measure and use.

While this resin is self-degassing, you will want to check for bubbles just in case. To remove any bubbles that occur during pouring, blow a hair dryer on the warmest setting across the project. This will help any remaining bubbles rise and release. When curing your piece, remember that curing time will greatly depend on the thickness of your casting. Thin pours will actually take longer to cure than thicker pours. To put it into perspective, a 1-inch casting will take 24 hours to softly cure and 72 hours to completely harden over. Do not attempt to pull your casting from its mold before 24 hours have passed. You will break or crack your project! You can trim or sand your project as needed after curing to bring your vision to life.

Should You Try Out EasyCast Epoxy Resin? 

Overall, this is a great product to work with for any casting resin projects. However, we believe there are equivalently great products on the market for a cheaper price. Consider shopping around before deciding on your epoxy. For the best results, choose an epoxy that is self-leveling, self-degassing, and resistant to UV rays. These will all help your epoxy project to turn our perfectly, the first time around.

Every epoxy resin is slightly different, so be sure to thoroughly read the directions for your solution before starting your DIY casting. You will also want to get out all of the tools you need and ensure your workspace is optimized for your project before getting started. Epoxy resin is a great little project, and the EasyCast Clear Casting Epoxy Resin is ideal for small projects such as jewelry, chess pieces, décor items, drawer knobs and more.

If you are interested in purchasing Easy Cast Clear Epoxy Resin, you can find it on their website as well as Amazon. If you’d rather shop around, Michaels, Walmart, Target, and other stores that carry craft supplies usually have it in stock. Have fun creating your next DIY casting resin project!