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How to Use Castin’ Craft Mold Builder

For three-dimensional artists such as sculptors, potters, and carvers, Castin’ Craft Mold Builder is a valuable tool to help create replicas of their creations for further production.Castin’ Craft Mold Builder replicates the artist’s creation down to the last detail in a flexible mold to allow for castings or duplication processes to take place.  Check Price […]

Everything You Need to Know About Casting Resin Molds

Casting resin molds are used for making a specific mold of an object you’d like to replicate or display. Resin is then poured into the mold in order to replicate the mold’s exact shape. This then makes a 3D object you can display wherever you choose.Casting molds usually require a certain type of epoxy, more […]